Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Women’s League of St. Joseph Church supports many local, charitable organizations and services in our community. Indeed, many service groups in our community have come to depend on the generosity of the Catholic Women’s League. However, the pandemic has affected many fund raising efforts making it very difficult to continue supporting those organizations who serve our community. Since the Catholic Women’s League is unable to do active fundraising, your financial contributions are needed so local, charitable organizations can continue to serve those most in need.

Contributions can be left in the parish office mail slot any time, mailed to the parish or left in the collection box. Put your offering in a sealed envelope and mark C. W. L on it. 100% of contributions are dispersed to local service groups.

A few of the organizations the Catholic Women’s League support are:

  • Seniors / shut-in assistance
  • The food bank and shelters
  • St. Vincent de Paul society
  • The Clarington Project who supports those with development disabilities
  • Bowmanville Hospital
  • Kindred Spirits who offers a day program for local young adults with developmental disabilities
  • The Medical Brigade who offers medical aid in developing nations
  • Bethesda House who offers assistance to women in need
  • Autism Home Base
  • Matercare International who provides assistance for single mothers in need
  • Team Clarington who assists young mothers to complete education
  • Scholarships and awards
  • The Ministries of the National Evangalization Teams (NET Ministries)
  • Heart and Stroke
  • Good Shepherd Foundation
  • The Parish Fund

Please help us to help others

Thank you – from the Catholic Women’s League of St. Joseph Church