Safely worshiping at our church

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Currently, there are no health restrictions or requirements placed on those who worship or serve with us. All in-person activities are operating as normal.

However, recognizing the numerous illnesses, COVID or otherwise, that constantly afflict God’s people, those who wish to join us in person are asked to take adequate precautions to care for the health of others when feeling ill with a potentially communicable illness. This may include making use of hand sanitizer, possibly wearing a face covering or even remaining at home to recover.

Masks / face coverings

In our church, the decision each person makes to wear or not to wear a face covering will be respected.

Online Mass streams

Sunday Mass and some daily Masses continue to be streamed online. See the parish website for the current schedule.

More information

For more information about any COVID-19 protocols, please visit COVID-19 Updates from the Diocese of Peterborough.